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Celebrating one year of plant-based diet + FAQ

February 1, 2019 accidentally marked the start of my journey towards a fully plant-based diet. I say accidentally because at that time, I didn’t know that I would keep up with the vegan lifestyle outside of Wonderland Healing Center. Well, one year in, I thought I’d share some key learnings & answers some of the questions I get asked the most frequently…

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5 lessons I learned from my least favourite yoga teacher

Some teachers will resonate with you immediately. Some you’ll simply never get along with. And others will grow on you. Well, Elva was definitely in the latter category. I couldn’t have been more wrong about her after my first class. While she was away from the studio for a couple of weeks, I realised just how much I missed her and her classes. Last Tuesday night, Elva was finally back to teach at Bodhi Yoga. Now that she is weeks away from…

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